Understanding, tailoring, advising.

Since 1986 we’ve been making sure businesses Australia wide are protected against all eventualities. Unfortunately, the list of things that can go wrong with a business is a long one. That’s why it takes years of experience and a wide knowledge of all possible business insurance products to find the right solutions for each business.

We specialise in protecting you. We will study your circumstances and then advise you on the right insurance solutions for your precise needs, including protection for your staff, contractors, clients, your building or your equipment.

Whether your company is a large, national organisation looking for top-end corporate insurance or you’re a small business concerned about shielding your income from accidents, we’ll first analyse your precise needs, then tailor the ideal solution by accurately sourcing the correct insurance protection, and then provide the professional advice you need to make sure you have all the protection you need. Whatever the future may hold.

Protecting you now. And in the future.

Whether you’re concerned about protecting the company you’ve spent a lifetime building, or you’ve only just started your journey to creating your empire, we’ll source the exact insurance solution to suit your protection requirements, your risks and your financial capabilities.

We’ll make sure your assets are protected. Now and in the future.


There when you need us, instantly.

Our clients discover the true value of what we do when it comes time to process a claim. Our specialist Claims Department cuts through the hassles and potential loss of time by handling your claims directly, quickly and efficiently. We understand how any delays can affect your businesses, and as your protection partner, we’ll make sure your claims are handled with the utmost professionalism and accuracy.


Rigorously sourcing the precise insurance for your needs.

Like people, no two businesses are identical. Whatever your requirements, we’ll get you the right business insurance for your company.

General insurance:

Professional risks:

Specialist protection:


Let us be your insurance brokers. Use our experience, knowledge and guidance to make sure you have the business insurance protection your company needs to ensure your investment and your income is shielded, whatever comes your way.