The IPS Group

The vision for The IPS Group has always been to offer a powerful and fully comprehensive financial management service.  Company founder and Managing Director Frank Cusmano has assembled the precise knowledge and experience to deliver that vision.


A formidable collective experience, a passion to deliver tailored solutions, and an ambition to empower every client, have become the trademarks of the IPS team. These trademarks that have established the IPS name as the exacting financial advisory specialising in creating and protecting clients’ wealth.


We know our clients all seek unrivalled financial value. We are aware that delivering that value is what creates long-term relationships. Over a number of years, each specialist division within The IPS Group has achieved an enviable track record of providing the latest and most effective advice to achieve the desired results for all our clients.


First, we ensure each division is independently valuable to clients.   That is why at The IPS Group, we know we are able to join forces to give our clients comprehensive, superior financial advice, products and outcomes.